Tuesday, 19 November 2013

018 Painting Schedule

I decided to bring more order into my somewhat chaotic painting/drawing practice. Usually I practiced about 1-5 hours a day, but this varied greatly and there were days where I did not practice at all! I recently got to know this painter: Wojtek Fus . He has a nice schedule, that I adopted, mainly because it is not stiff but variable.
The main idea behind it: It is changed every week to focus on your weaknesses.
This weeks schedule for example looks like this:

 I focus on perspective, anatomy and studies from life, movie stills or old master paintings this week since I have certain weaknesses there that need to be dealt with.

Each week, I change these blocks to focus on different subjects.
The time spend on these blocks can also be varied. Here I set the amount somewhat low with 40 minutes per block plus 30 minutes of free sketching each day.
I see these timers more as a minimum amount than a maximum. I usually finish whatever I´m working on, before moving to the next block. And as I can get carried away with free sketching once the creative juices start flowing, it never is just half an hour :)
But through this schedule I have more focused subjects and at least constantly 2 1/2 hours of practice each day which usually adds up to more like about 3-4 hours per day on average.

The "additionally done" open blocks are there to keep a record of what else I did on a certain day