Wednesday, 12 December 2012

009 Gestures

As some  might know, a gesture drawing is a quick study ranging from 30 seconds to 5 minutes. It is mostly  used in studying the human form.
You try to capture the essence, flow and rhythym of the pose without going into details. I have known this method for a long time, but only recently, I started to regularly make gesture drawings. And this really helps a lot, as you learn to quickly see the form and flow.

Here and here are links to some gesture drawing tools, which change pictures after a set amount of time.
I mostly use the second one as it also has models without skin (only 3D models, no humans were harmed in making them), so you can use it for anatomy observations as well. And it has camera angles that wouldn´t be so easy to do with  a real model.
The first link has photos of real people also with clothes, which is a different sort of gesture drawing, because the clothes sometimes change the form.

Here are some examples from the last 2 weeks (there are also some studies that took longer...and some doodles):

Gestures and some studies

As you can see, the drawings do not have to be perfectly beautiful pictures with perfect proportions and rendering etc., the main goal is to get a feel for poses and the flow of the human body in motion.

I try to do a couple of these gestures every day, because they are fast to do and you learn a lot. I can highly recommend this to anyone, who wants to learn how to draw the human figure.


  1. Wow. Can I just thank you SO incredibly much for this? I've been wanting to draw anatomy and human poses for so long and I think this will actually help me a lot. thank you SO SO SO SO SO SO very much for posting this. you're the best <3

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    1. Thank you so so so much! This is so insanely inspirational - I just have no idea how I can thank you enough... Your art is just so amazing and and and dgfjklfjdsklfjdsklj WHY DO I ACT LIKE THIS.
      Sorry. THANK YOU!