Tuesday, 13 November 2012

002 A Glimpse of the Future

Starting to edit/retouch photos in Photoshop stalled my drawing skills a bit, but it also was the start of something new and wonderful.

I bought my first tablet (a no-name brand) and started to learn Photoshop. After a while, i knew it quite well. Unfortunately my tablet broke and I had to find a relacement. Having saved some money, I decided to go with a wacom Intuos 3.
It was really a lot of money for me to spend, but as I still use it  nowadays and  it never ever let me down once in years, it was the best investment of my life :)

Soon I discovered that you can not only comfortably retouch photos but you can  actually draw and paint with the tablet. After scribbles and awful doodles I painted my first strands of hair following a tutorial:
My first PS painting ever
This painting clicked something in me. Painting without the hassle of preparation, cleanup, lighting issues. That was absolutely my thing :) I started to deepen my knowledge of what was actually possible in digital painting and oh my.....anything is possible!

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